Common Problems In F&S

Identify Problems In Your Filtration/Separation Systems​

High Cost For Filter Spares From the original supplier

Obsolete spares

long lead time for spares

Short life period – high frequency changes out

Old technology

The process parameters/ operating parameters changed and hence the filtration requirement

High contaminants in the system which was not anticipated during the design phase.

Bypass issues

Desire to change from Disposable to Cleanable type cartridges and vice versa

Breakage/carry-over of filter media

Chemical cleaning of filter elements

Difficulty in contacting the OEM

Desire to accommodate more filtration area without any physical modification in the system

Want higher DP withstanding cartridges

Want to reduce the cost of filtration due to unavoidable high change- out the frequency of filter cartridges

Please contact us if you identify any of the above problems in your Filtration/Separation Systems and we will do our utmost to get you the right solution.