Products We Serve

You can rely on us for the coarse particle separation using simple strainers such as Conical, T, Y, and Baskets type to more sophisticated Auto-self-cleaning strainers. If further finer particle removal is needed, we can support you with a Disposable type Filter cartridge system/Bag filtration system and re-usable type Metallic filter elements in various construction such as Pleated Sintered wire mesh to fully Sintered Elements for critical application such as high temperature or viscous fluid. A Back-wash/Blowback system can also be designed where continuous operation is sought. Continuous coarse separation of heavy solid particles can also be achieved by Hydro-cyclone / Desander.

For Oily-water treatment, CPI/API, IAF/IGF, and Walnut Filter can be applied. Liquid Coalescers can assist in separating dispersed phase liquid from continuous phase, while Gas Coalescer can be applied for removing liquid aerosols from gas. These coalescers are protected by Gas Filters to remove solids from the process or from pipeline corrosion ( commonly known as Black Powder) from gas.Β  For coarse-aerosol, Demister Pad is used in a vessel commonly known as Knock-Out Drum.

Vane-Pack Separation is also deployed for bulk-liquid removal from gas. For Bulk solid removal, Cyclone Separator is an ideal solution. FaSTech also caters to water treatment products such as Sand Filters, ACF, DM Plants, Softeners, RO Plants, and EDI systems for ultra-pure water.